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Warehouses and Customs

Do you need to free some space in your warehouse or collect goods for shipping to different cities? You have no free space at home? If you have answered “Yes” to these questions, then you should consider using our service – cargo warehouse storage. It is convenient, you do not have to cover any expenses related to rent and security of the warehouse.

The cargo will be located at our customs warehouse, which guarded and equipped with CCTV.

We use modern machinery and we will load, unload, weigh and count your cargo. To ease the cargo handling process, your cargo will be marked. We will use specialized machinery for loading/unloading outsized and large size cargo.

Our company will provide full service in processing necessary procedures and documentation related to your cargo in sea shipping. It is a well known fact that documentation in sea shipping is very serious and complicated task: wrong documentation at shipping customs, transit and arrival can cause container tie-up at ports, container grounds, customs terminals, etc., which will cost you a good sum!

By entrusting us with documentation you will not only avoid paying for demurrages, but will save time in cargo delivery by sea. If at present you are only considering purchase of goods or are involved in purchase process, contact us!

Our customs and logistics experts will help you to calculate customs expenses for your goods, advise you on documentation and procedures, which you will have to undergo when delivering your cargo, as well as “underwater rocks”, which may surface during the delivery of the cargo to Russian Federation or other countries.

We are ready to support both importers and exporters. We can provide consultations and practical help in customs, goods certification and export-import operations.